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The advantages of water-based ink

66 Published by admin Jul 05,2018

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With the serious status of global environment, every countries have more stringent requirements for packaging and printing, the environmentally friendly packaging materials become their favorite. It need less material with waste less, no longer produce secondary pollution, do not endanger the safety of the human healthy. So water-based ink used by more and more people .

What are the advantages of water-based ink in printing?

1, reduce the printing costs

Water-based ink only need to add pure water to adjust before printing. Green Spring water-based ink will not color changes due to viscosity problems in the process of transportation. That improve the printing pass rate greatly and save cost. reduce scrap rate.

2, Reduce the cost of purchase and inventory

The Packaging and printing enterprises can purchase the color paste and then adjust the ink themself.  The remaining water-based ink can be adjusted for the intaglio ink. They can also adjust the intaglio printing to flex printing and printing paper etc. It can not only greatly reduce the quantity inventory, but also reduce the cost of inventory with A multi-purpose.

3, water-based ink green has never been exceeded

Water-based ink can replace the solvent-based ink directly , does not contain volatile VOC, will not influence the human health, it is also no pollution to the atmosphere . Water-based ink are not flammable themselves , not because of static electricity and short circuit and other causes of fire, it will not cause the fire due to static electricity and short circuit . risks, improve safety, get a wide range of applications.Due to static electricity and short circuit and other causes of fire.

Reduce the explosive risks, improve safety. So it get a wide range of applications.

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