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Application of paste

66 Published by admin May 28,2018

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Paste printing widely used in clothing,fit for a variety of dark-colored material printing, can printing in cotton, linen, viscose, polyester, nylon, polypropylene, vinyl chloride and all kinds of fiber blended fabric. Printing paste coverage is very good, it can make dark clothes printed on any light-colored, and have a certain gloss degree and three-dimensional sense, make clothing looks more upscale. Therefore, printing paste can quickly spread in a short period of time, it’s almost used on every printed T-shirt.

Paste and water slurry combination can solve large area printing problem.

Paste printing process overcome the water slurry printing limitations, but because of printing paste have a certain hardness, so it’s not suitable for large areas ground pattern, a large area pattern is best to use water slurry to printing, and then embellishment some paste. This can not only solve a large area hard paste problem, but also can highlight the pattern hierarchy.

There is also another way to hollowed out a large area of ground pattern, made of rotten effect, but wear always feel a little bit hard, so it’s best to use water slurry and paste combination, to jointly solve the large area printing problem.

Analysis advantages and disadvantages about paste printing and dye printing.
On the choice about paste printing or dye printing, which in academic and actual production is a long-standing debate problem.

According to incomplete statistics, currently used in printing 55% is paste and 45% is a dye. Including 20% is reactive dyes, 20% is disperse dyes, vat dyes and other accounts for 5%.

(1) Dye printing will produce more wastewater, paste printing normally don’t wash water, so it will not produce wastewater.
(2)Dye printing has a good hand feel and good air permeability advantage, especially in printing large area pattern more prominent. Dye-printed clothes are not only wear comfortable but also less cost. The disadvantage is complex process, many devices, compared with mortar printing simple process and less equipment. On the carcinogenic side, dangerous varieties exist in both dyes and coatings,some paste is actually insoluble in the dye, so both exist selection problem.
(3) In paste printing binder is the key agent, whether in fastness or safety aspect, still far from perfect. In dye printing the most amount used reactive dyes, in the fixing rate and prevent broken keys also exist more deficiencies, sometimes can’t meet wear requirements.

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