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How to choose the cross-linking agent reasonably?

66 Published by admin Jul 05,2018

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Cross-linking agents, also known as bridging agents, are usually divided into two types of water base and oil base, they can be mixed with water base paste or solvent base ink, but is not very strict in practice.

For example, the use of oily combination agent and water-based paste is also feasible and effective. In the printing process, the cross-linking agent can have itself or with the printing ink

combine reaction to foam of a huge network structure, thereby enhancing the adhesion of fabric fibers, and improve the mechanical properties of resin film, to improve printing fastness. One-component printing paste can be used directly for printing, or with the cross-linking agent together, and two-component printing paste must be mixed with the cross-linking agent used.

Please note that the amount of cross-linking agent should not be too large, otherwise it will affect the hand feeling, the fastness is also not good. When you use the solvent combination agent, the prepared printing paste need to run out immediately. If the time past, will make the characters worse, or even condensation failure.


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