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Classification of screen printing paste

66 Published by admin May 28,2018

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As we know,according to different requirement of fabrics,Eco-friendly level,printing effect etc.,printing paste will show different characteristic. Now, let’s analyse it.

1.Printing with transparent paste shows transparent color without any cover ability,so it’s only suitable for printing on light-colored fabric,due to its high content of resin,the firmness is better than screen-printing white paste, if mixed with white paste, can increase firmness,increase its gloss and elasticity, but poor cover ability; white paste shows white color, can be used to printing white pattern with high cover ability, but due to its high content of titanium dioxide, white paste has poor firmness.
Thus,it is recommended to mix 30% white paste plus about 70% transparent paste can be used for dark color printing on fabric that is color printing paste, use color printing paste can reduce the amount of paste, can also achieve a good color saturation and color hiding ability; Due to some of mortar brightness is not very high, it can be marked with a layer light paste on the surface, cover light paste is mainly to improve the brightness of the printed surface of a printing paste.

2.According to different fabrics are divided into:
Ordinary paste, swimwear paste, nylon paste, waterproof nylon paste, denim paste and so on.
According to different environmental requirements are divided into:
Eco-friendly paste and not eco- friendly paste.
According to different gloss degree is divided into:
Bright gloss paste, matte paste and so on.
According to printing effect is divided into:
Ordinary printing, machine printing paste, foam printing, velvet foam printing, flocking printing, bronzing printing, three-dimensional bronzing printing, flash printing, rotten cotton printing, rotten polyester printing, crack printing,pull crack printing, denim discharge printing,knitting discharge printing, glass beads printing, plastic beads printing.

3.Qingyi chemical will teach you to evaluate whether paste you are using is worth:
(1) The most important is paste firmness.
(2) Eco-friendly.
(3) Printing paste flexibility.
(4) Whether printing paste surface will bond (anti-viscosity and blocking).
(5) Printing paste brightness.
(6) printing paste hiding ability.
(7) Printing paste softness.

According to the above seven conditions, the front condition is worse, the paste value is lower. Therefore, need use above seven conditions to evaluate the paste value.

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