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Y-PA102 PVC High frequency connector ink

Product Specification:

  • Material:Imported special resin
  • Solid content:45 % ± 1%
  • Fineness:8-15um
  • Viscosity:15,000-25,000mpa.s
  • Temperature resistance:>160℃
  • Package:20kg/barrel,can be custom
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Y-PA102 PVC High frequency connector ink

Ingredients: imported special resin;

Category: Screen printing ink;

Application: Mainly used in high-frequency processing of PVC transfer sticker

Features: Solvent-based , use  imported special resins as the main raw material.

Good printable, excellent hiding effect, high hardness, good folding and scratch resistance.

  1. Good printable

It use the PVC as raw material, it is excellent printable.

  1. Bag heat transfer sticker high frequency processed

Mainly used for  bags, raincoats and mobile phone casings heat transfer printing.

As PVC Bonding Layer during high frequency processed with high fastness of Joining.

  1. 21years R&D experience, stable and reliable

With 21-year experience in heat transfer printing materials, Qingyi use high-quality raw materials, the production undergo strict control to ensure product’s quality.

  1. Use advanced production equipment , grinding fineness up to 5 microns

QingYi has sets of advanced large three-roll grinding machine, stable production capacity to meet all types of printing demands; grinding fineness can be up to 5 microns to satisfy high-precision printing.

05.Put on market after 25 quality testing.

Each barrel of glue have passed printing testing, through the OEKO-TEX Standard 100 ,SGS and other international environmental certification.

06 .120-200 mesh is available for printing

QingYi WT series ink can work with full-automatic & semi-automatic &manual screen printing machine,can work with 120-200 mesh for printing various effects of heat transfer products. After high temperature pressing , the fine lines will not deformed.

07.Scratch resistant, good hiding effect

The PVC ink has excellent hiding effect, brighter the color, improve product hardness, folding, scratch resistance

  1. Strict packaging for various specifications

Usually packaged in 5kg,20kg and other specifications; wooden boxes packing for high-volume to ensure safety during transportation.

  1. Please store and transport goods base on standards of the dangerous goods.
  2. Be away from fireworks,store in a cool & dry place with maintain ventilation.

3.The expiry date is 6 months before opened.

  1. Please test sample before the mass production.
  2. As PEF films are thin and coated precisely with agent, please prevent surface of PET films from scratches, in order to avoid affecting the printing effect.
  3. The product information is true and accurate,however, if the material customer used and environment condition is out of our control, QingYi company will not take any responsibility.

Q: Why printing WT series ink on PET release film,the pattern sometimes crack?

A: Because the Y-WT series screen printing inks contains strong solvents like Cyclohexanone, if the release layer no good strong-solvent resistance, the strong solvents will soften and penetrate into the release layer,leading to cracking eventually.

Our 1183,1185 and 1188 PET films have strong-solvent resistance, you can use it without worries.

Q: Why some heat transfer printing inks are not good at wash,and the ink layer will separate with adhesive layer?

A: Reason 1: inaccurate choice of materials of inks and glues, mismatch in material properties.

Reason 2: The ink layer is not completely baked and dried.

Qingyi H series of flexible glue is a good choice for you, will no stratification after washing, and not lose adhesion.

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