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Release film transfer process needs attention problems

66 Published by admin May 28,2018

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Heat transfer process is a service process that put heat transfer film transfer to substrate surface.In this process there are several problems need to be care about, otherwise it will affect heat transfer product quality. Qingyi company listed following points to everyone as reference.

Keep the machine clean.
Maintain machine’s important components clean, can’t be stained with oil and dust, keep heat transfer film clean,can’t be stained with fingerprints and dust, keep the printing products clean, no dust, oil, keep the processor’s hands clean, no oil, no sweat .

Heat press temperature.
Heat press temperature have a significant impact to heat transfer product quality, temperature is too high easy to damage substrate, temperature is too low may not be able to achieve normal transfer. Heat press temperature should according to substrates, film, heat transfer machine these factors to decide, different materials have different heat press temperature.

Heat press pressure.
Heat press pressure must be adjusted to the most appropriate, otherwise too large,it’s easy to hurt plastic head and being heat press objects, too small, it’ll affect heat press effect. Adjust to the best heat press pressure,should lock the adjust pressure button, so that wouldn’t change in mass production.

Heat press speed.
Heat press time (speed) should be based on the specific heat press products to determine, in the case of guaranteed heat press effect, the faster the higher production efficiency, but some products due to some special conditions must use slow heat press.

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