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Screen printing common malfunction analysis

66 Published by admin May 28,2018

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In screen printing, due to ink selection, printing substrate characteristics, printing environmental factors uncertainty ect, easily lead to a variety of printing problems,affecting production cycle and product quality, bring losses to users and suppliers. How to avoid these losses?

1F.Print design is not clear.
1, Inappropriate choice of ink or ink itself has quality problems;
2,Ink dry is too fast, so that make printing pattern or lines are not clear, resulting in pattern defects or line breakage phenomenon;
3, Ink viscosity is too high, when printing will generate pattern defects or broken line phenomenon;
4, When printing appears plug version phenomenon,it’ll affect the normal ink over ink;
5, when printing scraper pressure is not enough or uneven, resulting in uneven ink;
6, Substrate surface is uneven.

1, Replace the appropriate ink;
2,Using a slower dry solvent dispatch ink;
3, Dilute ink or add thixotropic agent to reduce viscosity;
4,Correct choose slow drying solvent dilution ink, and pay attention to screen printing ink performance;
5, When printing increase the scraper force, while paying attention to scraper uniformity;
6, Handling substrate surface (such as printing rough substrate can be first used varnish or after other material backing then printing).

2F:Printing often happen plug version, affecting the normal use.
1,Ink itself is dry too fast or in high temperature printing environment using fast drying solvent dilution ink;
2,Ink viscosity is too high, in the printing small text or lines easy caused plug board;
3,When adjusting ink added improper solvent (such as adding solvent solubility is not enough to cause ink back to crude, etc.);
4, Ink itself is too thick particles, and use plate network is too high,ink can not be normal network.

1, Replace slow-drying ink or according to printing environment using a slower dry solvent blend ink;
2, Dilute ink or add thixotropic agent to reduce viscosity;
3, Using specified solvent dilution ink, so that the ink can be dissolved or dispersed normally;
4, Replace the higher fineness ink.

3F, Printed products have obvious textured.
1,Ink is dry too fast;
2, Ink viscosity is too high, liquidity is not enough;
3, Use mesh is too thick.

1, Using a slower dry solvent dispatch ink;
2, Dilute ink or add thixotropic agent to reduce viscosity ,to improve ink flow properties;
3, Using a higher mesh net yarn.

4F,Printing occur obvious water ripples.
Ink is too thin or viscosity is too low, when printing network distance is too low, when printing produce ink stick back;
Exclusion method: Reduce ink added amount of solvent,maintain ink viscosity while properly increasing network distance,so that when printing can naturally rebound.

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